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E.L.I is an acronym that stands for Education Learning Intelligence. When lookging at the problems associated with creatina a unique conversational personality, we see that one of the major obstacles is the time to create. The time problem has been acknowledged by may experts in the fiel, and at least one other patent addresses by attempting to create a unique personality from bio-graphical material. ELI solves this and many other poblems by creating a learning environment in which an AI can in essence, attend school
The system
In application a set of statement\interrogatories designed to test the target personality in a given field, or even in competence in general conversaitonal skills, is compiled and rests with the administrator. This set, is then directed at the target personality through an API. If the target personality does not have an answer, it then directs the query to the expert AIs, who provide an answer to the target personality. This process contains (2) critical elements. A temporal element, and a source element.
Referring to Fig.1 we see the basic architecture which centers on a target personality B. a test administrator A and one or more educators C .
Referring to Fig. 2 we see the addition of a third party educator which is accessed through the cloud.
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