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R.I.C.H. is an acronym which stands for Realm Of Illusions Cybernetic Human. RICH is also used as the name for the original personality which was created for general online interaction. We have tried to distinguish between the architecture and the project by using the periods when discussing the architecture (R.I.C.H.) and using RICH (sans periods) when discussing the project, however there are overlaps which have crept in. Please contact us if you have questions.
The project
The overall goal was to develop a system which would develop a personality by interacting with its environment rather than having to be programmed from scratch. We believe this is important when discussing the possible future of machines and humans interacting intelligently. The fact is that humans are not always compatible when working closelt with one another and there are numerous studies which demonstrate how this degrades performance. Since the final outcome of any development is an agent which works with a human in some capacity, these same problems will necessarily be transferred from the human\human relationship, to the human\machine relationship. RICH was the first attempt to create a recognizeable personality using the R.I.C.H. architecture. The personality chosen was the lead developer Vincent L Gilbert, for no other reason than it was easier to program the seed personality, and to track growth.
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