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R.I.C.H. is an acronym which stands for Realm Of Illusions Cybernetic Human. RICH is also used as the name for the original personality which was created for general online interaction. The R.I.C.H. Architecture itself is best described as an Artificial Neural Network, however it departs somewhat from traditional ANN concepts.
As an architecture
As an architecture, R.I.C.H. is a 100% completely configurable robotics platform. To understand the significance, we can compare it to the state ot computing in the mid 1970's. At that time, the field was dominated by mainframes with very little interoperability between systems. Each system, and indeed in many cases, each installation had its own proprietary software for performing common tasks such as word processing. Staff programmers were maintined to create software for each companies use. The same is true for robotics today, if a company wishes to utilize robotics in their manufacturing process, they may purchase a robotic arm. The manufacturer has proprietary code for controlling the arm which is different from the code which might control an arm from a different manufacturer even though the basic operations in each device are largely the same. The consumer is dependent on the manufacturer to issue updates, and interoperability between the device, and software in different departments is next to non-existent. Late in the 1970's, several platforms emerged which would radically change we looked at computing such as Micrisifts windows, and Apples OS. We believe that the R.I.C.H. architecture is to robotics what these platforms were to computing. Something which will completely and radically change the way the world utilizes robotics.
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